Caring For The Environment

At Pallas Kitchens, we are concerned about the environment and climate change, therefore we always look for ways to create a positive impact and protect our planet. We make sure that only high quality and safe materials are used in the production of our custom bathroom vanities, kitchens, libraries and other furniture.The choice of our materials and production processes reflects our commitment to the health of the environment.
The distinctive woods we use to craft custom cabinets are an extension of our various designs. To build our custom kitchens we use only certified standard wood species which include maple, hickory, red oak, cherry (solid and veneer) and bamboo (a grass grown and harvested in a sustainable manner). We also offer reclaimed and rediscovered woods as they become available. Our suppliers serve as partners in helping us maintain our commitment to environmental stewardship.
Only high quality, hand crafted, custom made cabinets made from renewable resources that are created without the commonly but unnecessarily used harmful chemical additives. Using these environmentally friendly materials can be of obvious benefit to health and environment.

Many traditional cabinets are made with a particleboard core and plywood that is put together with harmful chemical adhesives and other treatments. We worked hard to find alternatives such as natural wheat board core, high quality wood sources and by using non-toxic, natural finishes to overcome these problems. Some alternative wood materials that we use are sustainable materials such as palm wood or bamboo. These materials are very durable and have a unique aesthetic appearance.

Taking care of the environment is very important, and everyone has a role to play. Not only will using renewable resources and non-toxic products for finishing give you great looking eco-friendly kitchen cabinets, they will also work to limit the size of your carbon footprint in the process.
Our talented team works with satisfied clients in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville and Surrounding Area using environmental friendly materials to make sure that future generations will enjoy our products.