The Pallas Difference

WWhat makes us unique among kitchen designers and cabinetmakers is the fact that our design and fabrication teams work hand-in-hand at every stage of your project. Each element of style and finish is reviewed and confirmed with sign-off approval sheets and color samples, which prevent costly mistakes. Skilled installation teams review and double check all components prior to construction to assure a smooth process of the kitchen remodeling that will be completed correctly and on time. The relationships we have formed with our clients have all been long lasting, as the client’s interest is always our first priority. One of our biggest compliments from clients is our thoroughness and attention to detail. We ensure that our clients are truly satisfied with the quality of the kitchens and baths before we leave a project site.

Pallas Kitchens uses only the finest woods, timeless styles and a truly amazing spectrum of finishes to give you the creative freedom to express your personality. We custom build all of our doors and cabinets, and also perform our own custom finishing. We also offer environmentally friendly versions of our cabinetry, which integrate our superb craftsmanship with the benefits of “green” construction materials and techniques.

Through many years in the cabinetry industry we found that a lot of our new costumers are concern about seeing paint cracks on the doors and they asking as how to prevent that? Well, many years ago we made a change in thickness of our doors and doorframes because on that thickness bonding surface is a lot bigger which makes that connection stronger and prevent from paint cracks. That is why our costumers can use their cabinets for many years to come.

Our priority is ensuring that everyone is focused on creating the custom kitchen cabinets you want in the most cost-effective, efficient and beautiful way possible. At Pallas, we pride ourselves on excellent craftsmanship and innovative custom designed kitchens (framed or frameless), bathroom vanities, coffered ceiling, raised panels built-in cabinets and others custom interiors for The Greater Toronto Area.

All of Pallas custom cabinets are one-of-a-kind pieces designed to exact specifications and built with the highest quality materials and masterful craftsmanship that will ensure that your custom cabinetry and furniture will last for generations.